Clara Bow And The Bird

Digital Collage Clara Bow

Clara Bow and the Bird web 247x300 Clara Bow And The Bird One of my newest pieces of digital artwork is based around a vintage photograph of Clara Bow. I love her face, she has some many expressions. I am sure many of them were for movie stills, but they are very cool, as some a pretty hilarious.

I found this great photo of Clara Bow and wanted to use it in a collage piece. My artwork usually starts with just an image that inspires me. I never know what it’s going to look like when it’s done. And I always like finding some words to go with it, but I never know what those words will be either – until its done.

The background is a collage (all digital) of about 20 different layers of images, filters, and brush effects. The bird is a vintage image from the late 1800s book illustration on birds. I love combining lots of different design colors and shapes, and trying out different filters and settings to see what happens when 2 or more images are combined. It’s so magical. I am addicted to Photoshop.

The image was black and white so I added a bit of pink skin color, make up, hair color, and colorized the dress and cape. I also found a flower that I thought would fit nicely with her hair. The flowers on the left are also from a vintage illustration. I darkened down the edges of the image to put more emphasis on her, the bird and the flowers. I like the way it all turned out.

(Image is copyright Cat Whipple 2014)


Myrna Loy Digital Collage

My newest digital collage: Myrna Loy

Myrna loy sweb size 300x300 Myrna Loy Digital Collage

I used about 15 different images to create the background in this digital collage. The bird and the flowers are vintage public domain images, as is the photograph of Myrna Loy. The butterfly wings are also public domain that I got from a Dover image collection I purchased a while back. What is great about Adobe Photoshop is that you can take really small images and import them using “place”, resize them to a much larger image, and they will become a much larger image without hardly any quality loss. All of the images in this digital collage were much smaller then the final image, which is a 24″x24″ digital canvas at 300 DPI.  (This image is copyright 2014, Cat Whipple.)


Maria Forleo On The Value of Art

Why Your Art Has Value

I just watched a video by Maria Forleo on valuing what you do, especially for artists. I almost cried when I watched this video. I have spent most of my life hearing, from American society in general, that art doesn’t really have any value. And  yet, I look around me and art is EVERYWHERE. So why is there such a disconnect from what people believe to be true about art, and how art is so needed in our society.

I am posting the video here so I can find it easily when I need to hear this message again because it is so powerful, especially for us artists who have been told over and over that art isn’t important.