Abstract Collage Flower

collage flower cat whipple sm 227x300 Abstract Collage FlowerI was playing around with some abstract doodling pages that I created. I have this need to doodle with markers and paint pens, especially if I am watching a TV show – my hands must be busy.

I don’t consider myself an abstract artist so I was thinking of ways that I could use my many abstract doodles in collage pieces. This abstract collage flower is my first attempt at using one of my crazy doodles in a collage.

I scanned the doodle into my computer and made a print out of  it. (That way I can use it over and over.) Then I painted a solid background on heavy mixed-media paper and pasted on the doodle print in a flower space. The flower center is another doodle that I also scanned in.

For the leaves I pasted some text into a word program and set the text to green color. Then I printed it out and cut it out in leaf shapes. I hand drew the stems with markers. Overall it was a fun project but I think I have a ways to go before it’s something I totally love. But that’s how we get better, by experimenting.

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