Art journaling With Magazines

Art Journaling With Magazines

life is a circus sm 214x300 Art journaling With Magazines

Mixed media collage.

One of my favorite types of collage art is art journaling. If you’ve never heard of it, it has become a huge form of art in its own right within the past 10 years or so.

To the left is a page from my art journal that I just finished. I used an idea that I got from Teesha Moore on her website at She has a video page on how she creates art journal books from large sheets of paper (very cool by the way.) One of the ideas she had that I liked was using magazine bits and pieces to create frames for your collages and art journals.

Now there is nothing new about the idea of using magazines in collage art or art journals, it’s just the way she did it that I really liked. One thing that always concerns me when using magazine images in collage and art journals is the copyright infringement. I don’t really worry when it’s just me messing around in my own personal art journals. But lately I am starting to think about the future, and what happens if I create collage art or art journal pieces that I would like to license to publishing companies. Then the copyright infringement becomes a big issue.

What Teesha Moore does is take bits of magazine images and just work them over until they’re not that recognizable anymore. The videos can be viewed on her website by clicking on “videos” on the top menu bar. But if you look at my art journal above, even though I used a bunch of magazine images for the border you can’t really tell. So I think I’ll continue to use this technique in other collages.

A couple of other sites that are really worth checking out:

Create Mixed Media: has lots of videos and tutorials on collage and art journaling.

JenniBellie Studio: This link goes directly to JenniBellie Studio videos, which takes a while to load. But she has tons of videos posted there that are free to watch.

Traci Baustista: Traci Batista is a pretty well know designer, blogger, artist, doodler and author. (I have one of her books, love it.)  This isn’t her official website, but her Youtube channel with over 30 videos on journaling and collage making.

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