Photoshop Tutorial Blend Modes And Textures

Photoshop Tutorial Using Blend Modes And Textures This is a short Photoshop tutorial that shows how to use the blend modes on textures to make an ordinary photograph look great. The blend modes used include the Linear Burn mode on … Continue reading

Easy Photoshop Tutorials Free Download

Easy Photoshop Tutorials Free Download “3 Quick and Easy Vintage Collage Projects in Photoshop” is for the semi-beginner in Adobe Photoshop. When you download the free Photoshop tutorials included in this book you also get over 100 vintage images that … Continue reading

Collage Download Freebie #10

Collage Download Freebie #10 These beautiful engravings of big old skeleton keys were created in 1922 (I think) and are in the public domain. French Skeleton Keys. These would be great in empherma collage and other mixed media artwork. … Continue reading