Collage art Blue Cat

Blue Cat collage art

Cat With Butterflies sm 261x300 Collage art Blue CatThis is a mixed media collage I did a couple of years ago. I call it Blue Cat, and it’s one of my more favorite as far as my mixed media collage goes.

I drew the cat on white sketch paper and pencil. Once I had it the way I wanted it I scanned it into my computer and colorized and shaded it in Adobe Photoshop. After that I printed out a version of it for use in the collage.

For the background I used different designer paper that I found at the craft store. (I don’t do that anymore because of copyright restrictions on the paper, which I didn’t know about at the time.) I cut and pasted the paper onto sketch paper, using Modge Podge. I added the butterfly from some glitter paper shapes, also from designer paper. Once I had the background the way I wanted it, I pasted in the cat. The butterfly lines and the orange box lines were made using opaque markers. I also used some blue acrylic paint to blend in the background a bit.


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