Digital Collage: Beloved Ground

My Digital Collage Called Beloved Ground

digital collage by cat whipple beloved ground 300x200 Digital Collage: Beloved GroundI created this digital collage in Photoshop years ago when I was first playing around with Photoshop as a collage tool. Up to that point I had been using Photoshop mostly for drawing images freehand on the computer and then adding color and filters to create textures.

This is from my “Trees” series that I’ve been adding to over the years. The trees were taken from photos I found online, I cut and outlined them until I had the shape of trees that I wanted. The sun and clouds are from another image I found online. Yes, I loved to take other peoples images and rework them in Photoshop until they were completely new images. Most of the images I found on places that actually want you to use their photos. One of my favorites if Public Domain Pictures. You need to be careful about which images you click on though cuz some will take you to a stock agency that sell images.

I was really in a “scratched” phase back then, all my artwork has a bunch of scratches over them, which were created using images of fireworks. I don’t do that anymore but I still love the grunge background look and use that a lot in my digital collage artwork.

I drew the bodies freehand and filled them in with colors and textures. The quote on the tree is from a song I wrote, the lyrics are, “Come sit with me and watch the sun bend down to kiss his beloved ground.”

(Beloved Ground by Cat Whipple, Copyright 2000)


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