Flying Girl New Digital Collage

New Digital Collage called Flying Girl

flying girl series cat whipple digital collage 236x300 Flying Girl New Digital CollageI am almost done with this new digital collage piece called Flying Girl. It’s actually the first in a new series called Flying Girls. It’s based loosely on dreams that I have where I am flying. I just had one last night, as a matter of fact.

Most of the time, my flying dreams are not very colorful or even over land, they are usually high above the earth where all I can see are clouds and colors of landscapes. And of course, a vast sea of stars overhead. And they are almost always night dreams, meaning I never seem to dream about flying over land during the day, but always at night. And sometimes, I actually am flying through outer space. I love those kinds of dreams.

So anyway, about this piece of digital collage. I’m not very happy with the houses yet. I wanted them to look a bit moreĀ  distressed (as in grungy distress, not economically distressed). So I will be working on those a bit more to see if I can get them more how I would like them to look. Otherwise I am happy with the way the stars turned out, and the girl too.


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