Free High Resolution Textures

Free High Resolution Textures

free high resolution textures 300x298 Free High Resolution TexturesI just found the best website on the internet for artists who are looking for free high resolution textures to use in their designs, artwork, paper collage, and everything else. The guy who runs the site, Lost And Taken, creates textures for a living. How fun would that be?!

There are over 400 free textures to download from his site. Of course, I downloaded a lot of the watercolor ones because I have been wanting to use more watercolor texture in my artwork. (The image at left is from the Lost And Taken site, showing some of the water color pages available for download.)

The site is broken into lots of categories, including: watercolor, paper, motion blur, grunge, concrete, rust, bark, metal, bokeh, clouds and a bunch of other ones. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this site on Pinterest. Someone had posted some of the textures and mentioned they were free high resolution images for use in anything. Yeah! I love the internet. Can’t wait to start mixing these to create my own new textures and backgrounds. (You can use them as is, but where is the fun in that?)

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