Learning My Art Style

Art Style, What Is That?

Ever since I started taking the MATS Bootcamp I’ve heard lots of words flying around about style, and what an artist’s style is. I guess it’s something that I had never thought about for myself. So I have been a bit confused about not only what my artistic style is, but also what artist style is in general.

Then someone in the MATS Bootcamp Facebook ground posted a link to a great article on style called A Word About Style, Making Your Style. The article that opened my eyes and cleared my blurry vision around artist style was written by an artist named Loren. She gives great examples of different styles from different artists. And then she shows examples of her artwork and explains her artistic style.

By the time I got done reading the article I could not only say what artistic style is, but I was also able to write down what my style is. And here it is, my art style of of right now: character-based images with literal environments, surreal in textures and colors.


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