Lost A Digital File of Artwork

I lost one of my Photoshop Digital Images

I have loved the stars by cat whipple 194x300 Lost A Digital File of ArtworkI just realized the other day that I lost all the original files to this piece of artwork. I was searching for the original and could only find the web-size copies, which are of no use when it comes to printing high resolution prints.

I searched all my backup disks and turned up nothing, zip, zilch. I am so very bummed about that. This was one of my best selling prints when I was doing art festivals. Setting up a booth and selling prints was a ton of work but it was always offset by people making nice comments about my work, and this one in particular.

I found one high resolution art print of it and was hopeful that I could just scan it in and it would be good enough to do more prints from. Unfortunately that is not the case.  I sold my house and moved to another state, and it that move I lost so many things. During that move I also got a new computer and switched everything over to that, and I guess that was when I must have lost some files.

So now I have decided to redo the whole thing. I am looking at this as an opportunity to do it better the second time around. I don’t really like the grass texture, and I think I could come up with a better texture for the tree. So I am now looking at this as a new challenge: to rework this into an even better piece of digital artwork. (I also realized I lost another one of my favorite pieces of artwork, but that’s a story for another time.)


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