MATS Bootcamp March Assignment

MATS Bootcamp March Assignment: Jello Molds

MATS Bootcamp jello globes 219x300 MATS Bootcamp March AssignmentThe March assignment for the MATS Bootcamp is to draw Jello Molds. Yikes! I have been having a hard time with this one – I’m drawing a blank for what to draw, other then the usual hump of jello that most people know as a jello mold.

I have been MAKING myself draw jello, even though I’m not feeling any excitement or enthusiasm for it. I’ve been feeling like I’m not going to do very well at all with this assignment. But I just went through my sketch book and to my surprise I’ve drawn eight pages of sketches. Which isn’t all that much (one woman on the Facebook MATS Bootcamp group has a goal of drawing 100, not sure if that’s sketches or pages) but it’s more then I thought I had done.

But at least in my sketches I’ve found one idea that I really like. When I was sketching I was just brainstorming and drawing anything that came to mind, no matter how silly or dull (most were dull). But looking at them now, I really like the jello globe, a take on the snow globe. So I think I will probably go with that idea. There is another one I like (top left hand corner of sketch) and it’s similar to the geletin art below, which I came up with before I found these awesome edible artwork photos online.

edible art jello molds 300x225 MATS Bootcamp March AssignmentI found some wonderful jello art (or geletin art as it is called, since Jello is a trademarked name). Take a look at this edible art, gorgeous and yummy.

I don’t know what the industry category will be for the final assignment for these jello sketches. Some people on the Facebook group are thinking it’s going to be fabric. Another Yikes! I don’t know anything about fabric art, but I guess that’s why I signed up for this course, right?

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