MATS February Assignment Final

MATS February Assignment Final

cat whipple february 300x300 MATS February Assignment FinalI finally finished my MATS (Make Art That Sells) Bootcamp February assignment. The assignment started out with us doodling cuckoo clocks (that was the mini-assignment). From there we were supposed to take those doodles and create artwork for a cell phone skin.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. At first I was a bit intimidated by the level of artwork that was being posted in the MATS Bootcamp Facebook group. But I plowed ahead anyway, reminding myself that I have my own artistic voice and style (even though I don’t know if I could verbalize what exactly that is).

And I’m so happy I’m a graphic designer, cuz I can lay out a gorgeous final board to upload to the gallery. Heehaw. So instead of just uploading my final cell phone skin, I’ve created the above board (not sure if there is a name for this?).

Anyway, the board has the final skin design in a mockup phone. On the left side is the color pallette – the 8 colors that I used, based on one of suggestions given by Lilla. To the right are five design backgrounds I created from the original images and designs I created for the overall artwork. And underneath are my websites and my logo. The overall background also has a faint hint of one of the designs I created, the very swirly one used in the hat scarf.

I am so excited and glad that I took this course. I am learning so very much and I’m having a blast doing it.


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