MATS February Assignment

Make Art That Sells February Assignment

cat cell 180x300 MATS February AssignmentOur assignment for our first MATS (Make Are That Sells) Bootcamp is to create a cuckoo clock and then turn that into a cell phone skin. At left is just part of my cuckoo clock (because I work in BIG Photoshop files). My cuckoo clock is an Alice In Wonderland cuckoo clock, and at left is Mr. Cheshire cat.

I am almost done with the entire cuckoo clock artwork but still feel there’s something missing or wrong, so I’m not showing it to anyone yet. But I do like the way Cheshire cat turned out so I thought I would post that for now.

I have another week until our assignments are due to be posted in the MATS gallery, so I’m thinking about doing more (and different) kinds of cuckoo clocks. I have several other sketches and lots of doodle to choose from when I did the mini-assignment.

I am really enjoying the MATS Bootcamp, I get to see so many other unique and wonderful artists and their interpretations of the assignments. It’s also a bit intimidating because there are so many good artists. But I just have to remember that I have my own unique style and my own artistic voice, and it’s all OK.

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