New Collage Tree Series in Photoshop

Tree Series Inset Examples, Collage Created in Photoshop

cat whipple trees artwork inset 300x184 New Collage Tree Series in PhotoshopI am continuing to work on my Trees series. I still haven’t come up with a better series title so that’s what it’s called for now. Maybe the “Life of Trees” or something like that?

So far I have 2 completed pieces in the Tree series. Here is my third one that I’m still working on. The tree will have lots of birds in it and the sun will be coming up over the horizon.

What I love most about using Adobe Photoshop are the kinds of collage images that I can create with it. And I never know what they are going to look like. It’s all about adding differen images, textures, colors and icons to each other, and messing with the blending options until something pops up on the screen that takes my breath away. (It’s kind of like the magic I used to feel in the darkroom – before digital cameras – when an image would magically appear on the paper after it had been dipped in the developing tray.)

cat whipple trees series inset2 300x184 New Collage Tree Series in PhotoshopI have more free time right now since I just finished my MATS February assignment and uploaded it to the MATS gallery. I think I can post a link to it when it comes out on Feb. 25th. So now I can get back to my Tree series. I usually do eight in each series. Not sure how I came up with that number, it just seems I really enjoy completing eight art pieces before I get the hankering to create something completely different.

Edit: You can see the finished artwork in this link. The final name for the series is called The Busy Lives of Trees.



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