Digital Collage Artist Eva Brewer

digital collage artist eva brewer 214x300 Digital Collage Artist Eva BrewerDigital Collage Artist Eva Brewer

I love looking at what other digital collage artists are doing. I came across Eva Brewer on Etsy and just had to mention her work. I love what she is doing with public domain images. At left is one of her pieces of digital collage artwork.

I know I talk a lot about this, but I just have to say again, its so important that we keep all the old images that are now in the public domain, IN the public domain. Right now Disney is trying to change the copyright expiration laws so that their images of Mickey Mouse (and numerous others) don’t fall into the public domain, as they are about to in the next few years. (But I digress..)

Anyway, back to why I like Eva Brewer’s digital collage artwork. I love how a lot of her stuff is mixing old digital collage images together to come up with very unique images. I see a lot of digital collage artists who are just putting a couple of pubic domain images together and calling it artwork, but there is more to creating unique artwork then that. And I think Eva Brewer is really good at doing that. I also like her use of grungy backgrounds (one of my favorite thinks to do in Photoshop), and her humorous take on life.

digital collage eva brewer 214x300 Digital Collage Artist Eva BrewerI love this one too, its called Sugar High. It looks like she has over 3,000 reviews and 4,000 sales. So I’m not the only one that thinks her artwork rocks. (I really don’t know how people sell so much stuff on Etsy, they must be really good at marketing their art.)

The other thing I really love about public domain digital collage artwork is that you don’t need to know how to draw to create artwork anymore. I think that is what keeps a lot of people from trying to do artwork. When I was little if you could draw, you were told you were an artist. And everyone else was told they weren’t. What a cruel thing to tell someone. I think we are all artists, we just have different outlets for our creativity. Go see more of Eva’s Work to see what else she does with pubic domain images.



My Rumi Cat Series

Rumi Cats Series by Cat Whipple 235x300 My Rumi Cat SeriesI have been working on a series called Rumi Cats, which puts cats and quotes from Rumi together. If you don’t know who Rumi is, he was a philosopher and writer who lived a very long time ago. According to Wikipedia,  “Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273), was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic.”

I love his quotes and short poems, which have been translated into numerous languages. I LOVE cats and Rumi so I thought it would be fun to put those two loves together in artwork. I created eight in the Rumi Cat series, although I could do tons more since I have a book full of quotes from Rumi.

I have wanted to do artwork around Rumi quotes for a long time since they are so inspiring. But I figured everyone on the planet has done the typical “new age” artwork with Rumi quotes.

Rumi Cat series by Cat Whipple 2 235x300 My Rumi Cat SeriesSo I went for the second-best idea, putting 2 philosophical entities together: Rumi and The Cat. Because after all, aren’t cats the most philosophical creatures on the planet. (Do you know about Henri the French philosophical cat? I love that cat.)

I had so much fun doing this series. I do believe that drawing cats is my all time favorite thing to do, next to having them lay on my lap and purr. I have two cats in my home, I can’t live without cats. I can live just fine without a man, but I’m lost and lonely without cats.

These were all done in my fav program, Adobe Photoshop. They were created using lots of different images to create the layers. The cat body was created using an old textile design by William Morris, who lived at the turn of the 19th century and whose works are now in the public domain. (Of course, my Rumi Cats are NOT in the public domain so please don’t use them in your artwork.)


Public Domain Image Book From Dover

In my digital collage artwork I like to create lots of patterned backgrounds and I’m tired of looking for small icons and dingbats that are in the public domain that I can safely use. Usually when I start out using something I found online I am concerned about copy-right coming back to bite me in the butt if and when I start licensing my artwork.

cat whipple digital collage rumi cat artwork1 235x300 Public Domain Image Book From DoverHere is an example of my artwork with patterns in it. I try to make sure the original icon or image is unrecognizable and completely original by the time I’m done doing lots of layering in Photoshop, to get the various textured and patterned effects. (Although, the pattern that makes up the cat’s fur is just one image. I used an old textile pattern from a very famous textile designer from the 1920s, William Morris – whose works are now in the public domain.

I’m tired of worrying about copyright infringement and stuff like that, so I ordered 1500 Decorative Ornaments CD-Rom & Book, which arrived in the mail last week. I have already created some background patterns from a couple of the icons. Here is one of them below. This will probably be added to a cat body for use as fur, or possibly be used in the background and mixed with other images to create a very textured, layered look. I am pleased with my purchase.

dover pattern made from dover icon 300x198 Public Domain Image Book From Dover