Photoshop Clone Tool – Short Tutorial

A Short Tutorial On Photoshop Clone Tool

Photoshop Clone Tool Intro 300x171 Photoshop Clone Tool   Short TutorialI know it seems like this website is just excerpts from my courses and for right now, it is. I have lots of other content here besides my courses. But I’m in the midst of a 30 day challenge to get 30 videos on Youtube about my 4 courses. And I’m trying to do it in 30 days.

And of course, anytime I put something on Youtube, I just have to post it here. It’s like an itch that HAS TO BE scratched. I promise I will get back to other content once this challenge is over.

Here’s the excerpt on the Photoshop clone tool from my course at Udemy called Digital Collage Sheets Quick And Easy with Photoshop Kit

Photoshop Brush Tool Tutorial

A Quick Tutorial: Photoshop Brush Tool

Photoshop Brush Tool Intro 300x171 Photoshop Brush Tool TutorialThis is a quick introduction to the Photoshop brush tool. This is actually a snippet from my Photoshop collage course on Udemy called “Digital Collage Sheets Quick And Easy with Photoshop Kit“. The Photoshop brush is way more then just brushes as it allows you to makes brushes out of anything – photos and textures, doodle, whatever you can scan into a computer, or draw, you can make into a brush.

Photoshop For Artists: Not just for photographers

Photoshop For Artists Is A Wonderful Artistic Medium

Photoshop for Artists 300x169 Photoshop For Artists: Not just for photographersA lot of people think that Photoshop is just for photographers. But I can tell you from personal experience that Adobe Photoshop is a wonderful tool for artists and illustrators. I love Photoshop and have been using it since it hit the market 25 years ago. I started using it to edit photos for the newspaper I was working for at the time. But I quickly realized what a creative and amazing canvas it was for my personal artwork.

I never liked my drawing abilities. I can draw cats but that’s about it. With Photoshop I realized that I could scan the crappiest doodle into Photoshop and turn it into artwork that I really was proud of. I have been hooked on it ever since. And even after using it for 20+ years, I still don’t know a lot of its features. It’s like the TARDIS (from Dr. Who) – it is endless and eternal. A true wonder of the universe.

Below is a short excerpt from my course “Learn Photoshop: Create Gorgeous Art in 2 Days” that is hosted on Udemy.