Public Domain Image Book From Dover

In my digital collage artwork I like to create lots of patterned backgrounds and I’m tired of looking for small icons and dingbats that are in the public domain that I can safely use. Usually when I start out using something I found online I am concerned about copy-right coming back to bite me in the butt if and when I start licensing my artwork.

cat whipple digital collage rumi cat artwork1 235x300 Public Domain Image Book From DoverHere is an example of my artwork with patterns in it. I try to make sure the original icon or image is unrecognizable and completely original by the time I’m done doing lots of layering in Photoshop, to get the various textured and patterned effects. (Although, the pattern that makes up the cat’s fur is just one image. I used an old textile pattern from a very famous textile designer from the 1920s, William Morris – whose works are now in the public domain.

I’m tired of worrying about copyright infringement and stuff like that, so I ordered 1500 Decorative Ornaments CD-Rom & Book, which arrived in the mail last week. I have already created some background patterns from a couple of the icons. Here is one of them below. This will probably be added to a cat body for use as fur, or possibly be used in the background and mixed with other images to create a very textured, layered look. I am pleased with my purchase.

dover pattern made from dover icon 300x198 Public Domain Image Book From Dover

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