The Busy Lives of Trees Series

Digital Collage: The Busy Lives of Trees Series

Life of Trees series birds by cat whipple 237x300 The Busy Lives of Trees SeriesThis is one of my new series which I am calling The Busy Lives of Trees, because trees do have very social and busy lives. Every time I see a big beautiful tree, it has tons of activity going on in its branches. Trees may be standing in one spot their whole lives but they are busy, busy, busy.

This is the third one in the series. I have a couple of close up inset shots that I posted earlier that you can look at Collage Tree series in Photoshop.

This piece of artwork was done in Photoshop. I drew the tree on paper first and then scanned it in. Then I used my usual arsenal of public domain textures, patterns, and images to create each texture you see in the ground, tree, sun, clouds and all the birds. I think that has become my favorite part of this digital art process, creating beautiful textures for the individual pieces in the artwork.

I drew the birds in Photoshop, which made it easier for me to do fills. I am still working on how to get my scanned drawings to look smoother. Although now I’m testing out Illustrator for its auto-tracing option and am having good results with that. I have never been a big fan of Illustrator, the artwork tends to look so flat and computer-generated. I NEED textures in my artwork.

I have two others in the series that I will post when I have more time, but this one is my favorite so far, so I had to post it first. If you enjoy my artwork please leave me a comment. And if you have artwork that you would like to share please leave your website address in the comment box as well.


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