Traditional Paper Collage

Be Grateful to Whoever Comes sm 230x300 Traditional Paper CollageThis is a very traditional paper collage that I created using magazine images and images from an old art book that featured very old masterpieces. I really don’t know what I was trying to say with this collage, I think mostly I was just having fun cutting and gluing. I think most artist have lots of artwork that is never intended to be taken seriously, it’s more about playing and expressing.

This was also done right around the time I was starting to learn about art journaling, which is sort of a cross between art and diary writing. I was never into diaries, I had one when I was small and tried writing in it but it was pretty dull. Really, what can an eight year old have to write about? And today I still struggle with writing, which is why I tend to keep my blog posts so short.

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