Vintage Collage Artist On Porterfields Finearts

Sandy Lloyd: Collage Artist uses vintage images

sandy lloyd collage artist 300x242 Vintage Collage Artist On Porterfields FineartsI just got an email from Porterfield’s Fine Art that they have taken on the collage artist Sandy Lloyd to their collection. I’m very happy to hear that. She does artwork that is similar to mine, in that she uses a lot of vintage photos and vintage ephemera. And I am sometimes worried that no body in the art licensing or fine art fields will take my artwork seriously, so I am glad to see them taking her work seriously.

I don’t know what it is about vintage photos and vintage ephemera, but I am so drawn to it. I want to include it in everything I create. Sometimes I have to just set it aside and do other things, but the draw to include it in my work is always there. Looking at really old images just makes me want to create artwork around it.

It’s also a dilemma because I am American Indian (Sioux Tribe), and so much of the old vintage beautiful photography that I am drawn to is of white people, in an era when people of color didn’t count. But I do it anyway, because I am more then the color of my skin or the DNA of my ancestors.

I have also lived for 30 years in Minneapolis, where the Native art community is vibrant and political. Where most of the Native artists who get the recognition and wall space, are Native artists who have very political and cultural things to say about our history. I am not one of those types of Native artists. I was decades ago, when I was filled with anger. Now I just want to create pretty artwork that fills the viewer with peace and maybe makes them want to create something of beauty, too.

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